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My Nordic Edge: Bridging Cultures and Driving DEI Across the Nordics

14, Jun 2024 | Blog

As a DEI expert and consultant who speaks Danish and Finnish, my work often takes me across the Nordic countries, where I engage with diverse audiences to foster inclusive environments. Here, I want to share some of my recent experiences and insights, highlighting the unique edge I bring to the Nordic DEI landscape.

Exploring Cultural Differences: Denmark vs. Finland

One of the fascinating aspects of my work involves exploring the cultural nuances within the Nordic region. For instance, during my talks with various Danish associations, we delved into the differences between Finnish and Danish cultures. These discussions not only enhance our understanding but also pave the way for more effective DEI strategies tailored to each country’s unique context.

Nordic Diversify Oslo: Engaging on a Nordic Level

At the Nordic Diversify Oslo event, I had the opportunity to engage in webinars and in-person sessions. We discussed national-driven diversity internationalization programs and shared experiments and projects from the Finnish domain. These interactions are crucial for understanding what’s happening at the Nordic level and for driving collaborative DEI efforts.

Recognizing Women in Tech: Nordic Women in Tech Awards

Serving as a judge for the Nordic Women in Tech Awards has been an inspiring experience. I had the honor of joining their event in Iceland and being nominated for the Liva Echwald award in Reykjavik in 2023. These awards highlight the incredible contributions of women in tech across the Nordics and emphasize the importance of gender diversity in this rapidly evolving field.

SHE Community: Amplifying DEI Strategies

Participating in SHE community events in Norway allowed me to connect with audiences through panel discussions. We focused on what we are doing right in DEI and how we can amplify our strategies and convictions on a Nordic level. The SHE conference is a testament to the power of community in driving meaningful change.

The New Nordic Citizenship and European Young Leaders

As an alumna of the European Young Leaders program, I continuously advocate for a stronger Nordic presence in Europe. The recent Hanaholmen Future Forum 2023 highlighted the urgent need for Nordic competitiveness in the European context, especially ahead of the European elections. The demographic crisis and the global fight for talent are challenges we share across the Nordics and Europe.

My Nordic Credentials

  • Education: Master’s in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University
  • Living Experiences: Herning, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Helsinki
  • Speaking Engagements: Oslo, Reykjavik, across Finnish towns
  • Alumni of prestigious networks such as Sitralab, European Young Leaders “40 under 40”, and German Marshall Fund Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders, Kamilla feels at home in Aarhus, Herning, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.

  • Professional Background: Seven years in shipping with various Scandinavian companies
  • Event Participation: Nordic Diversify Summit, SHE Community, Nordic Women in Tech Awards

The rise of right-wing political narratives that dehumanize immigrants is a pressing issue we must address collectively.

As someone who speaks Danish, Finnish, and English, and actively works in the Nordic context, my goal is to leverage my experience and networks to foster collaboration. Together, we can turn diversity into a narrative of innovation, resilience, and competitiveness, working towards the common good of well-being for all.

I am passionate about engaging with different audiences through keynotes, hosting, and workshops. One of my favorite tools is storytelling, often facilitated with playback theater artists, to create powerful and inclusive narratives.

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