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Hyvä Kätilö, Playback Theater x Kamilla Sultanova

What is
Playback Theater?

Playback is an applied form of participatory and improvisational theatre. Each performance is based on the experiences, thoughts and stories told by the participating audience.

Typically a playback performance lasts for 1,5 hours, during which facilitator Jaana Taskinen guides participants to share their experiences on chosen topics. After this, the actors play the story back to the audience with sensitivity and empathy.

Through their performance, the actors can make relations and interactions between people and events visible. Therefore, allowing the participating audience an opportunity to see their situations from the outside and create the ability to arrive at insights and possible solutions.

So why
Playback Theater?

Searching for new common solutions can be fun. Communities are formed of people, which means human feelings and ways of interaction always play an important part. Listening to people’s experiences in your organization and building a shared vision together empowers everyone to work towards common goals.

My workshop with Playback theatre group Hyvä Kätilö helps you care for the greatest resource of your organization, human potential.

Want to dive in deeper? Watch our explanatory video here below.

• Get a new understanding through embodied interaction.

• Experience feelings and emotions of the target group in question in a specific context.

• Feel a great engagement for a team and get an insight that we all need to deal with needs, and understand each other.

• Evaluate the current company context and bring you further to align with process to be and planned strategies.

What Audiences Say

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Lessons learned from Finland.

Kamilla employs a forward-thinking approach that surpasses expectations, striving to foster an environment of collaboration and innovation by actively engaging with artist groups. Through this approach, Kamilla aims to redefine cultural growth and drive positive change. In the workshop, Kamilla encourages open dialogue and exploration of evidence and insights that highlight the urgent need to reconsider empowerment within policy making. This is particularly crucial in today's digital era, where the COVID pandemic has exacerbated inequality.

• Learn about experimental approach to tackle youth and social inequality which carried out by participants across public, private and organizational sectors at the Finnish innovation fund’s Sitra lab.

• Get a dive in on latest approaches to workforce development: co-creating employment services uniting broader audiences including youth, immigrants and international talents.

• Turn your pride into passion: transform, inspire and lead through social capital exchange, networking, inclusion and equality.

• Get practical examples on effective employer and diverse quality talent in partnership with schools, colleges, universities in Finland applicable on global scale.

Cultural Onboarding International Talents

Lessons learned from Finland.

In the context of global talent competition, it is essential not only to attract the right individuals but also to ensure their retention. Creating a sense of belonging for employees and their partners is crucial. I specialize in developing resilient and cost-efficient onboarding and retention strategies for international and diverse colleagues. Optional Playback Theatre integration is available.

• Overcoming the “otherness”, what kicks in after the joy for lakes, forest and berries is over.

• Understanding context and relevance to building new communities in Finland for international talents.

• Knowledge of university collaborations and tapping into local communities.

•Increased relatability, awareness and toolkit for achieving a fulfilling start in the Finnish society.

Leading in Diverse Environments

Lessons learned from Finland.

In today's corporate landscape, the significance of diversity, equality, and inclusion cannot be overstated. They have emerged as pivotal elements for business resilience and the long-term sustainability of Finnish society and economy. The multifaceted impacts of the COVID pandemic underscore the necessity to constantly adapt, transform, and sustain both human resources and the quality of products and services in order to maintain competitiveness. The expert in question assists leaders in gaining clarity regarding the evolving landscape of workforce development, equipping your company to navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic new normal. Optional integration of Playback Theatre is available upon request.

• Knowledge of leading an increasingly diverse environment, going beyond the business case.

• ABCs of diversity equity and inclusion for companies and organizations, big or small, understanding the need and benefits.

• Managing diverse workforce and cultural growth in the teams: stand out and belong.

• Getting the “S” right in the companies’ ESG (environmental, social, and governance) propositions and solutions in line with the company’s business strategy.

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