Workshop facilitation and public speaking

I fill the space with love, passion and empathy as they come straight from the heart!

I am known to energize the room and create an open space for unity and interaction. With your upcoming panel discussions in English, Danish, Russian or Finnish, workshops and other events, let me serve your audience and do my very best to channel them to action.

Similar to elsewhere in Europe, Finnish society is becoming more multi-cultural and diverse. I strive in all my work to make diversity and inclusion tangible. With trends such as future of work, AI, international talent attraction, destination marketing, I am fascinated what makes life worth living in the Nordics. The answer to that is a sum of total experiences, in terms of career, family and local social networks. On the basis of my personal lived and work experiences in Denmark and Finland as well as the latest research, I offer insights on what companies, organizations and individuals can do to lead to improve well-being and co-existence at a workspace, in teams and at schools.

My customizable, scalable offerings include:

Guest workshops, keynotes on topics of diversity through community employee engagements, youth empowerment, social capital, volunteering and entrepreneurship.

For local and international cooperation, get in touch today!

Jenni Pääskysaari, TV producer
Board member Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry

Kamilla is truly a driving force. She gets stuff done and right people at the table. Kamilla is such a joy to work with and also to hang around – always positive, productive, creative and fun. Almost feels like she’s not afraid of anything.

Projects I have run

Global Dignity Boys and Girls

Taitaja 2017

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