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About Playback theater


Playback theatre group Hyvä Kätilö consists of highly trained theatre professionals. We have several years’ expertise of harnessing the power of playback theatre in order to make human experiences visible and tangible in diverse communities and organizations.

What is playback?


Playback is an applied form of participatory and improvisational theatre. Each performance is based on the experiences, thoughts and stories told by the participating audience.

Typically a playback performance lasts for 1,5 hours, during which facilitator Jaana Taskinen guides participants to share their experiences on chosen topics. After this the actors play the story back to the audience with sensitivity and empathy.

Through their performance the actors can make relations and interactions between people and events visible, allowing the participating audience an opportunity to see their situations from the outside and to arrive at insights and possible solutions.

Why playback theater?


Searching for new common solutions can be fun. Communities are formed of people, which means human feelings and ways of interaction always play an important part. Listening to people’s experiences in your organization and building a shared vision together empowers everyone to work towards common goals in your community.

Taking care of human potential


Is your organization aware of how it’s getting along? Do you all share the same vision? Are you able to engage everybody’s understanding and expertise? How are the people in your community doing?

Are you organizing a seminar or an event where participation matters? Do you need help in facilitating audience engagement in a fun and effective way?

Playback theatre group Hyvä Kätilö helps you care for the greatest resource of your organization: human potential.

What audience says

  • I have experienced and worked with Hyvä Kätilö playback theatre during three occasions both as participant, event producer and as a workshop facilitator. Hyvä Kätilö team offered a rich and fun engaging experience to the event participants, daring them both to share their stories, embody them and deliver in an immersive way. They had a big impact on my work, as their embodiment of challenges resulted in deeper awareness, insights and solutions in our group discussions (be it in business or social setting). I warmly recommend Hyvä Kätilö playback theatre team to spark your workshops & events with focus on customer needs, organizational development and building relationships in and outside your company.

    Kamilla Sultanova

  • Warm recommendation! Playback theatre lets you be touched by the kind of experience which just words can’t convey.

    Miia Leppänen

  • My head is bursting with thoughts and feelings. The process is wonderful and it was fantastic to watch the actors use different methods to arrange our stories into small plays and scenes.

  • I felt heard, I felt understood, and my story made sense.


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