Taitaja: adapt and connect to opportunities


As a project manager for Taitaja Global Dignity seminar in 2017, I have initiated the idea to deliver a seminar to Taitaja. Together we co-created a concept with speakers which fits Taitaja, ensure funding to make it happen and enable a strong team of volunteers to deliver a premium quality seminar that exceeds expectations.


Offered Taitaja to arrange an inspiring seminar for students, which puts their issues on the agenda: future of work, vocational skills and self-confidence. Taitaja is 4-day national skills competition event that takes place annually. In 2017 took place in Helsinki Convention center (Messukeskus). Nearly 100,000 people participated (students, teachers, parents, visitors) in an event filled with tractor simulators, living cows and students showcasing their talents in over 50 professional skills.


I designed a cooperation deal with Helsinki Business College to deliver a Tajtaja Global Dignity seminar with project support by Tarja Airaksinen and college students

Project tool www.trello.com was used to run the event

Enabled communication training for the 20 volunteer students and 6 interns


Taitaja Global Dignity 2 hour seminar during Taitaja skills competition


Taitaja is co-organized by Helsinki Business College, Helsinki Vocational College (Stadin Ammattiopisto) and Skills Finland ry. We have worked in close collaboration with organizers, the group of students and teacher Tarja Airaksinen who was also a project manager for Taitaja Global Dignity.

1600 guests attended Taitaja Global Dignity seminar

Invitations sent to 2500 teachers and over 300 schools invited

Featured in a newsletter by Finnish board of education

Landed high-level speakers and professionals: Leo-Pekka Tähti, Henkkä Hyppönen, Perttu Pölönen Evon Söderlund, Ronja Salmi, Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola, Galih Ganesha Putra Bulgamin, Laura Sundell and Pazzilaiti Simayiiang

Cooperation agreement signed with Helsinki Business College

Delivered extra workshop in English to International 30 Helsinki School


Project management and execution on a short time frame

Enabled Helsinki business college students with 25+ volunteer and 6 internship experiences

Visibility on social and printed media: article, interviews on Radio spirit FM, YouTube trailer

Promoted Tajtaja’s skills and future of work theme to 7,8,9th graders and students from language schools.


“I have worked with Kamilla as a panellist at Dignity in Finance event at Nasdaq and as a sponsor for #InsideOutHelsinki youth art exhibit in Helsinki. Rarely have I seen a networked person like her with relatively short time in Finland. She deeply cares for value-add in each event and for her team, fills the room with great energy and brings out the best in people, on stage and among the audience. I admire Kamilla for her change-making work and capacity to building links between students, companies and the community. All that she does, she does with her heart. Kamilla has my warmest recommendations.”

Juhani Laitala, Country Manager
Atradius Suomi

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