Strategic advisor

I advise on how privates, civic and public players can cooperate to drive social change.

For all local and EU initiatives on inclusion, cross-cultural communication, diversity and education, I have a broad local and EU network of business, public and civic stakeholders, which can be helpful in change-making projects.

You may also need sparring to find out how to match the stakeholders from the start and gather a production team to make sure all looks delicious and on time.
Let me be that missing link in connecting the dots and enable value add to your marketing budgets, strategies and campaigns.

Through multi-sectoral approach, I am a can-do expert in getting projects off the ground, designing and executing strategies holistically and tactically.
Projects can be: designing experiential learning, launching and running education networks, bridging private and public sectors and managing projects going international.

Kaisa Nuutamo,
Helsinki Business College

I have been working with Kamilla in several Global Dignity projects aiming at encouraging young people. Kamilla with her valuable international network of powerful people has been a wonderful source of inspiration, full of ideas and energy. Her great communication skills make interaction with her very easy. Kamilla is a creative person but she is also hardworking and committed to achieve the best possible results within the set schedules and budget. I can warmly recommend her to any task related to marketing, promotion and/or project management.’

Projects I have run

Global Dignity

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