Kamilla Sultanova

My services

Keynote speaking


I’m an energizing motivational speaker and award-winning community-builder. I love to inspire my audiences to change and empower them to take action. Through my engaging personal style and diverse background, I create immersive experiences for your attendees.

As a purpose-driven speaker, I tell the stories of change-making projects in Finland, Uzbekistan, and across multiple international networks. I know what truly makes growth and innovation appear – it is in the dynamics between people and cultures.

Some of my former engagements include TEDxHelsinkiUniversity, Finnish SME’s, Startup hub Maria 01, Ministries of education, employment and economic affairs, Finnish school principals society, Finnish Entrepreneur society and the European Commission.

Event hosting and facilitation


I know what it takes to lead an event with complete ownership, full of energy so that each participant can feel their powerful presence in the room. Instead of talking to your audience, I build trust by being authentic and curious. I get them out of their comfort zone while guiding them attentively and creating a feeling of community. That’s where the magic happens.

I will channel your topic and vision with engagement, connection, and energy.

My goal is achieved if event participants feel like “there is no place I’d rather be”! Driven by solutions and respecting time as a scarce resource, I’m a facilitator who can lead in an interactive way online and offline offering a shared understanding of a problem or a challenge at stake.



Cross-sectoral Collaboration: Lessons Learned from Finland


My approach is to go beyond what is expected and if needed to engage with an artist group to ignite new working cultures and collaboration, rethink cultural innovation and growth. During the workshop the evidence and the insights for the need to fundamentally rethink empowerment in policy making are opened up and discussed especially in light of digitalization and the rising inequality exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.

• Learn about experimental approach to tackle youth and social inequality which carried out by participants across public, private and organizational sectors at the Finnish innovation fund’s Sitra lab.

• Get a dive in on latest approaches to workforce development: co-creating employment services uniting broader audiences including youth, immigrants and international talents.

• Turn your pride into passion: transform, inspire and lead through social capital exchange, networking, inclusion and equality.

• Get practical examples on effective employer and diverse quality talent in partnership with schools, colleges, universities in Finland applicable on global scale.

Cultural Onboarding for International Talents


Competing for global talent does not only mean just getting the right people to relocate but to make them stay. Belonging is equally important for the employees and their partners. Too often, a lack of networks and community leads to saying goodbye to Finland and families moving away. I help you build resilient and cost-efficient onboarding and retention strategies for your international and diverse colleagues.

• Overcoming the “otherness”, what kicks in after the joy for lakes, forest and berries is over.

• Understanding context and relevance to building new communities in Finland for international talents.

• Knowledge of university collaborations and tapping into local communities.

•Increased relatability, awareness and toolkit for achieving a fulfilling start in the Finnish society.

Leading in an Increasingly Diverse Environment


Like never before the topics of diversity, equality and inclusion have become the key to business resilience as well as sustainability of Finnish society and economy. COVID pandemic’s multiple impacts reveal the need to continuously adapt, transform and sustain people, quality of products and services to stay competitive. I help leaders get clarity around the changing workforce development, preparing your company navigating change in the post-pandemic new normal.

• Knowledge of leading an increasingly diverse environ-ment, going beyond the business case.

• ABCs of diversity equity and inclusion for companies and organizations, big or small, understanding the need and benefits.

• Managing diverse workforce and cultural growth in the teams: stand out and belong.

• Getting the “S” right in the companies’ ESG (environmental, social, and governance) propositions and solutions in line with the company’s business strategy.


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