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Kamilla is an energizing, award winning motivational speaker and community-builder who loves to inspire audiences, and to encourage change and empowerment to take action. Through her engaging personal style and diverse background, she creates immersive experiences for your attendees.

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Keynote Speaker

As a speaker driven by purpose, Kamilla has had the privilege of sharing impactful narratives about transformative projects spanning Finland, Uzbekistan, and various global networks. She possesses a profound understanding of the catalysts behind growth and innovation, recognizing that they emerge from the dynamic interplay between diverse individuals and cultures.

Event Host & Facilitator

Kamilla energizes high level business, executive events, fostering authenticity and trust to create a vibrant community. Regardless of industry, her dynamic approach encourages participants to explore beyond their comfort zones, unlocking extraordinary opportunities.


Experience our transformative in person and online workshops focused on delivering engaging sessions that guarantee valuable learning outcomes. Through the captivating art of playback theater, and extensive experience in versatile issues, we create an unforgettable experience, ensuring your audience gains deep understanding and meaningful experiences.

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Hourly Consultations

Whether you need guidance on developing an inclusive policy, advice on handling a sensitive workplace issue, or support in creating a DEI strategy, I am here to help. My flexible, online consultation hours mean you can access expert advice exactly when you need it, without the pressure of a long-term commitment.

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Kamilla hosts KONE’s virtual online experience. (2022)
Kamilla speaks during an YLE panel. (2023)
Kamilla interviewed live on AlJazeera. (2023)