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Podcast on daring to live with dignity, Finnish school system and youth empowerment in Finland and Uzbekistan

April 17, 2018

  • What makes Finnish education so hot?
  • What does youth & women empowerment mean?
  • How one lives life with dignity and in line with your values?
  • A great joy to join a first podcast offered in English in Uzbekistan
    by Investudy English language Center.

I am proud to come to Uzbekistan and be a role model to show boys and girls what is possible in life. For a youth which is sometimes devoid of self expression I inspire to create a life of significance through dignity, and live the best version of ourselves. This is what I tried to show and communicate during a first International Uzbek Youth festival held in Tahskent during April 11-16th, 2018.

Investudy English Centre is run by a dedicated educator and English teacher Akmal Akbarov and his team. It is a first podcast offered in English in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has a population of over 32 million and more than 4 million students. Education ministries are looking out for all sorts of inspiration on education. This is what I also focus on.  Language learning is a big focus and there are hundreds if not thousands of language learning centers across the country. The demand is high for learning languages. Besides learning, the focus in Investudy is on offering opportunities to choose study destinations, gain good discipline and speaking skills.  I would add “speaking out”.

For me growing up in Karshi, language was one opportunity to get out to the world. In below podcast I have shared my lessons learned in USA; Denmark, Finland and how any person should dare to live and not be afraid to live. To have self-respect, claim dignity and figure out what values will guide us in life. It was important to show that the of empowerment can be done by anyone and anywhere e.g. working with Finnish youth in Helsinki region for the last 4 years.

I also offered my insight on Finnish schools and what makes Finnish education so thought after.
Listen to the podcast here

Please share with someone you think could use some dose of inspiration so he and she can also dare to live a life of significance. A life with dignity.

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