Case Study: how to deliver new revenue with existing resources?


From 2014 to 2016, I worked as an equipment sales manager at Maersk Line’s newly started container sales division. My mission? To kick business off the ground, build new markets in 4 regions and generate value on retired fleet of containers.


Maersk Line has thousands of used containers that are being phased out all over the world through independent agents. Previously such part of the business was outsourced as it was not core business, yet the input was that it creates a sizable revenue which could stay in-house. Therefore, Maersk Line set out to own the wholesale-process and enable sales of retired fleet of containers directly to traders and end-users, where I stepped in as a first employee in a team to get the business of the ground.


Previously I was a trader as an agent for Maersk and I knew sales and purchasing processes from both sides of the table. During the first year 2014-2015, I started immediately in sales via “plug-n-play” mode in local markets in Scandinavia. Then I shortlisted potential markets (Central Europe, Russia, Baltics and Middle East), designed and implemented a website, drafted a first legal framework and cooperated with Maersk team on tax requirements. Market portfolio consisted at some point up to 28 locations, where containers would be sold on active & reactive basis.

I brought in a large customer base across the regions, introduced framework agreements to enable wholesale of containers to deliver continuous revenue. Besides taking care of daily sales in my geographical portfolio, I created a new product concept in a short timeframe with various internal and external stakeholders. New, value-adding product offered a 1-year-long-term supply spanning 9 geographical locations to one key customer and delivered USD13mil$ extra in team revenues in 2016, outside my personal scorecard.


New way of working frame-agreement supply across 9 locations. Starting up a new “start-up” inside Maersk Line off the ground.


Delivered 105% of sales scorecard year-on-year with 12 million USD strongest in 11 regions.


Identify cost-structure, needs and benefits of the new product offering

Find the qualified bidders

Negotiations with shortlisted bidders & the key customer

Lead the change across multiple stakeholders (forwarders, terminals, ports, customs authorities, accounting)

☆ Implement new product concept offering across 9 offices and container sales team

“Kamilla is a formidable networker and a top performer in business development and stakeholder management. As first one in the team, she got business off the ground, executed go-to-market strategies and introduced long and short term contracts with global customers across 20+ locations (Nordics, Russia, Baltics, Middle East). Under her leadership and ability to connect her team, she was capable to deliver highest sales performance across 11 regions. She has been an important part of starting some of the strong customer relationships in the regions. I would recommend Kamilla any day and twice on Sundays.”

Michael Barsøe Friis, Global Container Outfleeting manager at Maersk line


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