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Kamilla & Kemira

1, Sep 2023 | News

In the dynamic landscape of a post-COVID digital world, collaboration is at the heart of what I do. Feedback from our partnership with Kemira speaks volumes about the collaborative spirit we cultivate. Every event is an opportunity to celebrate, where my role is to ensure that both the audience and speakers shine, and everyone feels at ease.

I’m dedicated to crafting enjoyable events and nurturing a space for possibility, ambition, and yes, even a few giggles and wiggles. It’s a space where everyone can become a changemaker.

With a deep understanding of the corporate context, I help to enhancing the quality of panel discussions on pressing topics like geopolitics, ESG, DEI, AI, and the future of work.

As we step into the busy fall season, let’s remember the essence of these events – being truly present, generously sharing expertise, uplifting one another with constructive feedback, and building trust. It’s about daring to connect, looking each other in the eye, and finding common ground in our polarized world.

In these divisive times, meaningful dialogue can heal and inspire us to imagine a different world, one where we remain true to our vulnerable selves. We are all wired for not only connection, but inclusion and belonging.

I was excited to return to the big stage as I hosted the Kemira Leadership Forum in Helsinki. We dove into topics like geopolitics, climate change, human rights, sustainability, ESG, AI, and the future of work. It was an amazing opportunity for engaging Q&A sessions with thought leaders like Risto Murto, CEO of Varma.

I wanted to express my gratitude to the incredible team – Terhi Kivinen, Arja-Elina Rantanen, Mia Suortti, Antti Kihlström, and Arttu Kallio – for their collaboration both backstage and onstage. Together, we’re creating meaningful moments.

I invite you to join me on this journey and happily open to collaboration as my upcoming trips are dedicated to learning, unlearning, and expanding my network. Together, we can shape a brighter future through collaboration and meaningful dialogue. For collaborations, event hosting, moderation, you can book a free 15-min call with me! I work comfortably in English, Danish, Finnish, and Russian.

European Young Leaders Seminar, Dublin – September 14th to 16th
Nordic Business Forum, Helsinki – September 27th to 28th
Nordic DEI Summit, Oslo – September 29th

Photos by Pyry Pietiläinen

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