Build an engaging Diversity and Inclusion program

About Innoduel


Innoduel helps businesses with organizational development tasks, saves business facilitators time, and enables qualitative development in organizations by acting as a digital thinking tool and providing scaleable and inclusive co-creation solutions. All this in a way that is meaningful for all stakeholders.

Kick off your DI journey with us


How to develop organisations to be inclusive? How can they grow sustainably by adopting inclusion impactfully in daily routines and behaviours?

It can be challenging to know where to focus next as you build your DI program with limited resources. More so, how to make the program both needed and wanted and engage employees in the shaping of inclusive company culture?

Sense of inclusion and belonging in the workplace means higher returns, innovation, well-being, resilience and reduced turnover. Kick off your DI journey in a deliberate and manageable way.

Sustainable DI journey


Implementing DI practises as a part of company's strategy can help with:

- Eliminating “Outsiderness”
- Bringing Everyone On Board To Support D&I
- Incentivising DI to each team member & driving ownership
- Bringing transformational change not reputational

Elements of sustainable DI journey

What is it?


Together with Innoduel we have developed a model for organizations to build an engaging Diversity and Inclusion program.

The program enables HR professionals and leaders to drive engaging Diversity and Inclusion programs, in line with the company’s strategy, structures, processes, policies, stakeholders, products, and facilities.

We believe that it is vital to engage employees in co-creating new guidelines and practices because we are designing things that directly affect their everyday lives. When people are involved in the process from the beginning, they are more likely to commit to the outcomes and are, in general, happier. It’s as simple as that.

Who are we?


This workshop is a result of meaningful co-creation between me, diversity and inclusion expert, and Innoduel. We would love to chat and learn more about your organization’s unique challenges and needs on your journey embracing diversity and inclusion.

We appreciate the slowness of the learning process and with our passion towards facilitation we are sure to follow you on the learning process that is engaging and impactful to your organization.


Would you like to hear more about this workshop format and how it can impact your DI strategy?

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