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I offer immersive speaking experiences, event hosting, and workshops

I’m an energizing motivational speaker and award-winning community-builder. I love to inspire my audiences to change and empower them to take action. Born in Uzbekistan, I have lived and worked in the Nordics for the last 18 years navigating across different cultures and industries. Currently based in Helsinki, I’m both an insider and outsider in the Nordics, offering a unique perspective.

As a purpose-driven speaker, I tell the stories of change-making projects in Finland, Uzbekistan, and across multiple international networks. I know what truly makes growth and innovation appear – it is in the dynamics between people and cultures. Today, I work in projects on diversity, inclusion, and talent recruitment.

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I’m an untraditional speaker for traditional conferences. Through my engaging personal style and diverse background, I create immersive experiences for your attendees. After having spoken in twelve countries all over the world – from Finland to South Korea – and on many stages including TedX, I can connect to any audience and inspire positive change with vision, creativity, know-how, and global insights. I’ve spoken to audiences of 1600 people and can connect with individuals from all kinds of industries and cultural backgrounds – from policymakers to everyday civilians, executives to students and teachers, from business leaders to assistants. My keynotes and speaking engagements have empowered countless audiences to create opportunities for others, invited them to experiment with working across sectors, and creating inclusive spaces in their own communities.

Some of my former engagements include: TEDxHelsinkiUniversity, Finnish SME’s, Startup hub Maria 01, Ministries of education, employment and economic affairs, Finnish school principals society, Finnish Entrepreneur society and the European commission.

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I’ve been where you’ve been, planning an event, unsure of who might be a great fit for your audience. I know what it takes to lead an event with complete ownership, full of energy so that each participant can feel their powerful presence in the room. Instead of talking to your audience, I build trust by being authentic and curious. I get them out of their comfort zone while guiding them attentively and creating a feeling of community. That’s where the magic happens.

My passion is to serve my audience and create meaningful experiences for them. My goal is achieved if event participants feel like “there is no place I’d rather be”! Driven by solutions and respecting time as a scarce resource, I’m a facilitator who can lead in an interactive way online and offline offering a shared understanding of a problem or a challenge at stake. I will channel an authentic conversation making sure the participants are heard and that people stay curious, engaged and willing to contribute.

As an event host, I help as a co-organizer and deliver beyond expectations, so that your event leads to actionable change, where the audience can go from inspiration to action.


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Leading in an Increasingly Diverse Environment

1–3-hour workshop

I help leaders get clarity around diversity and inclusion. You will learn how to lead in an increasingly diverse environment, what diversity means for companies, big or small, and how diversity can drive impact in your companies’ ESG (environmental, social, and governance) solutions. I also offer advice on talent recruitment and retention of quality diverse talent both in Finland and abroad.

Cultural Onboarding for International Talents

3–5-hour workshop

Competing for global talent does not only mean to get the right people to relocate but to make them stay. Belonging is equally important for the employees and their partners. Too often, a lack of networks and community leads to saying goodbye to Finland and families moving away. I help you build resilient and cost-efficient onboarding and retention strategies for your international and diverse colleagues. My workshops are engaging and intuitive and help people connect and get an experience of belonging so that your employees and their spouses can flourish in Finland with a sense of community. 

The art of facilitating online – hold meetings people would not miss!

1–2-hour workshop

With the ongoing physical distancing, our communication is disrupted, meetings and events are moved online or canceled. Facilitating online can be difficult, slow, and scary. During the last 2 months, I have gathered a toolkit on how to extend hospitality online and engage the audience during company meetings, workshops, and events. These are actually nice and easy skills you can use immediately. In 2 hours you can experience and learn new ways how to amplify connection online, bring clarity to the team, and actually hold meetings people would not want to miss.

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