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Global Dignity: Overview for 2020 and 2021

1, Oct 2021 | Blog

Despite the difficult years behind us and still ongoing pandemic, global dignity FInland team has been offering small and sizable events which raise topics of belonging, resilience, overcoming racism and life situations.

We have listed some events during 2020-2021 which were delivered by volunteers, our partnership with Business college Helsinki, MOK HNMKY for cooperation on “Taking a stand” antiracism facilitation training. We also thank all our previous speakers at Talk the Talk competition and speakers which were brave enough to deliver their first story.


None of these events would happen without Global Dignity volunteers from near and far, also in the form of speaker coaches.


  • We see the big impact in training new time speakers to share their story in 6 minutes. 

Speakers do get to write their story, practice, deliver and have an opportunity to inspire and impact someone who is like them or someone who has never had heard about their experience be it trauma, exclusion, racism, other mental health issues or life and death situations.


  • We see the big impact in engaging with artists to inspire and emotionally connect to the audience.
  • We see the big impact in engaging peer-to-peer style speakers to make an inspiration that sticks and can be put to action #seeingisbelieving
  • We see the big impact in community building among speakers and volunteers which happens when they deliver a real event to real audience even if in hybrid.

In times of post #BLM and #METOO, debate of international students, spouses and immigrants struggling to get a job in Finland, we also increased the topics of discussion on this and bring out the topics of origins, inclusion, antiracism training.

1. We co-organized the Taking A Stand workshop with MOK on October 14, 2020. It was an online Zoom workshop where we offer a safe space to everyone attending the possibility of having a deep conversation on racism and how to fight it. The event was conducted in English. There were about 15 people attending the event.


2. Hybrid: Dignity Impact event on 24th November 2020 together with Helsinki Business College, Music For Friends and other artists. The event was for about 300 attendees (100 people physically and others watching online)  including students and teachers, as well as others. The event includes speaker speeches about dignity stories and music and dance performances. Besides event planning management, we also had organized the speaker coaching sessions, as almost all the speakers were first time speakers. The event received a lot of positive feedback from the audience and from the school.
3. Inclusion Discussion on 16th Dec 2020, virtual event, where we had panel discussions with 5 guests about Inclusion and belonging in Finland. The event had over 160 reach on Facebook. 

4. Origins stories – virtual event on 12th March 2021 where we had panel discussions with 4 guests about Origins stories and how they connect to their origins. The event had over 1500 reach on Facebook.

5. HNMKY MOK facilitator program on anti-racism for Global Dignity leaders. In total 3 workshops. 3 hours each. 10 attendees in the program
6. May 2021 the first “Taking A Stand” workshop by Kamilla. 23 registered – 9 joined.
7. Global Dignity Race June 2021 – Claudia and Kamilla – contributed to global dignity race on AtlasGo app, campaign for IWWOF did not work out due to technical issues.


8.Translating Global Dignity Coloring book to Finnish – Kamilla and Tiina (volunteer translator) now available in 19 languages. Share them far and wide! https://globaldignity.org/coloring-books/


9. Took part in SDG and Global dignity impact work evaluation project with Global dignity executive team. Thanks for all involved: https://globaldignity.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Report_How-Global-Dignity-Impacts-the-SDGs.pdf


We are looking for more partnerships to bring discussions on dignity to Finnish education institutions, schools, colleges, universities. If you are interested to cooperate please do email globaldignityfinland@gmail.com

Here are the free resources for you to use – for different age groups, https://globaldignity.org/teaching-dignity/teaching-tools/ 

We wish you a safe and sound end of 2021!


Sincerely yours,

Bambi, Ramina, Kamilla 

Board of Global Dignity ry.

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