Case Study: How to establish Global Dignity's global and local presence?


I am the co-founder of Girls & Boys ry, also listed as Global Dignity Finland. Employer is Global New York, USA


To ensure there is traction of Global dignity activities in the capital region, I was recruited for the voluntary role to run the movement in 2015. Global dignity’s vision is to have a movement of young, dignity-centered leaders who are able to execute year-round workshops experiences on dignity, self-confidence, self-esteem for young people.


Establish Global Dignity presence in Helsinki capital region and reach teenager audience via big and small workshops.


 1st Global Dignity Girls event was launched for 450 girls in Viiki secondary school in Helsinki in 2015
 In 2016, 450-people event was held this time for boys in Viiki secondary school and a 3rd one for 112 girls in Aurinkolahden secondary school (my community:-)
 10 events in under4 years, including the largest event for 1600 people at Taitaja in May 2017
Our speakers are: Jani Toivola, Leo-Pekka Tähti, Henkkä Hyppönen, Evon Söderlund, Anna Puu, Anni Sinnemäki, Ann Wahlroos-Jaakkola, Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola, Jenni Pääskysaari, Ronja Salmi and many others.
 Communication with the Finnish community, recruit volunteers, high level speakers, performers and fundraising.
Communications, website design, event evaluation


Youth deserves big gala events, Global Dignity Finland has 1-3 events a year

Delivered all events with organization, high-level speakers and on time

Received good evaluation by teachers and students based on quick surveys

Board members include Finnish top authors and producers Jenni Pääskysaari and Ronja Salmi


Scaled from 450-pax audience to 3000 students in 3 years Including an international art project from end-to-end #InsideOutHelsinki

Full functioning social media presence

On-boarded new schools as participants

On-boarded 6 interns and 50+ volunteers


Kamilla brings great vision and creativity to Global Dignity, an international nonprofit founded by three Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum. She communicates with great clarity, knows how to engage people and has tremendous project management skills. She is a leader within our network of local Country Chairs and Partner Organisations now representing in over 70 countries around the world, sharing knowledge, new ideas and improving our digital communications capacity. In addition to her many considerable skills, Kamilla is a joy to work with.”

Cynthia Guyer
Global Dignity New York City, USA

“Kamilla is truly a driving force. She gets stuff done and right people at the table. Kamilla is such a joy to work with and also to hang around – always positive, productive, creative and fun. Almost feels like she’s not afraid of anything.”

Jenni Pääskysaari, TV producer
Board member Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry

“I have worked with Kamilla as a panellist at Dignity in Finance event at Nasdaq and as a sponsor for #InsideOutHelsinki youth art exhibit in Helsinki. Rarely have I seen a networked person like her with relatively short time in Finland. She deeply cares for value-add in each event and for her team, fills the room with great energy and brings out the best in people, on stage and among the audience. I admire Kamilla for her change-making work and capacity to building links between students, companies and the community. All that she does, she does with her heart. Kamilla has my warmest recommendations.”

Juhani Laitala, Country Manager
Atradius Suomi

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