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“Говорят, что счастливых иммигрантов не бывает. Я в это не верю”

трое русскоговорящих иностранцев делятся своими финскими историями успеха

How to Prosper as an Immigrant Woman in Finland – Interview with Neighbourhood Mothers

Volunteering is a great opportunity to connect with the society you live in as an immigrant. My story of how I became a consultant on diversity and inclusion, and how I learned to thrive as an immigrant woman.

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Building Common Resilience towards Equality, Antiracism and equal Opportunities

During the last three weeks in an ongoing COVID pandemic, millions of people across the US and worldwide have taken to the streets and raised their voices in response to the killing of George Floyd by a policeman. Solidarity protests also took place in Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku voicing issues of inequality, discrimination, and unequal justice.

EU Innovation Princible confrence 2019
EU innovation conference

High-level EU innovation conference for policymakers, with a future generation panel of 7 & 8th graders and enriching the discussion outside the usual policymaker circle. Organized by the Ministry of Economic affairs and employment and the EU commission.

HelWeCan 2019

YEA! Hosting and moderating #HelWeCan in 2019 on boosting skills and competitiveness in Finland and Europe. What is creativity in one dance move?

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Barack Obama summit in Berlin

Honored to join Barack Obama summit in Berlin with 300 other emerging leaders to discuss the future of leadership and civic engagement

Hanken HIT

During a 2-year multi-stakeholder project in Helsinki region, I am tasked to lead and develop the Hanken School of Economics’ talent management programme called Hansen HIT™. I help diversify Finnish companies and help create meaningful connections so that international master students can find their career paths, build networks, and find a job. The concept is included in the list of best practices for Finnish higher education institutions collected by Business Finland this autumn 2020.


Tedx Helsinki

It took me years to share my story and when it happened I am lucky to deliver it at Tedx stage. Empowering others, you empower yourself. Thank you 

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Global Dignity Finland

Start your future with dignity. Storytelling event was a half-a year collaboration with student volunteers for a 250-people event on finding own path in Finland. Co-organized together with Global Dignity Finland, Haaga-Helia University of applied sciences and Helsinki Business college 
I miss my team!

GenderLAB – Nordic equality project
How do you diversify Danish army recruits and how could Nordic festivals get rid of harassment? It was great to cooperate with facilitators of workshops and utilize an innovative approach to co-creating gender equality from the classroom to an organization in a multidisciplinary team in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
Project InsideOutHelsinki

50 youngsters donated their portrait to promote belonging in Finland, for an international streat art InsideOutHelsinki in collaboration with Project Inside Out.

Women in Tech
Women in Tech Forum 2019 – voice competition
Together with Aku Varamäki, I coached 9 trailblazing women in tech to pitch their story of passion for tech at the first speaker voice competition #WITvoice co-organized by My speaker agency. Galith Nadbornik was spectacular, her winning speech “Embrace your weird” brought tears and standing ovations. As her coach, I am immensely proud. 
Watch her speech here: 


Seen in media 

Interview in “Børsen” on diversity and inclusion at work, Danish business daily newspaper. (In Danish)

News paper

On my biggest event delivered in Finland, Global Dignity seminar for 1600 students in Spektr Finnish-Russian newspaper. (in Russian)

News paper

Interview to Uzbek Financial newspaper on Finnish education, civic engagement and teaching dignity to Finnish youth. (in Uzbek)

We are all valuable interview
“We are all valuable” interview to Täsmä -a magazine written by Finnish immigrant students at Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences and Helsinki Business College.
(in Finnish)
article Meeting Obama in Uzbek UzAhborot

Meeting Obama in Uzbek UzAhborot: National broadcasting news service.
(in Uzbek)

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