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I have lived in a land of Vikings — Denmark for 12 years and in Finland for almost 4 years. My understanding of the Nordics comes from my student years and from working in shipping and logistics. Nordic economies are some of the strongest. Societies are some of the world’s happiest. People almost nearly perfect (as in Michael Booth’s book). Landscapes, gastronomy and architecture are all photographers’ paradise. And, finally, their culture is intrinsic to silence and “let-you-be”, which still leaves many in a pickle. Follow my blog here to see the latest trends in the Nordics, you should know and it’s way beyond Danish Hygge or Finnish SISU.

the Black Diamond library 2013, Copenhagen. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard
Rape-seed fields in bloom. Somewhere in Finland
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My 9 takes on Nordic living

February 4, 2018
Are you curious about the Nordics? Want to know more what matters in this Nordic part of the world? Follow this post where I share my way of living the Nordic living with focus on culture, weather, design, biking and more.