Autumn/Winter season program – my upcoming events and projects for the rest of 2019

September 21, 2019

Autumn is here and it’s THE time to harvest. Sharing my colorful and event-full harvest calendar for August-September-October-November-December 2019.

1. My season has started with my consulting task for Hanken School of economics leading their Hanken International Talent initiative (HankenHIT). I will be developing employer-student links to introduce Intl students to Finnish work-life through projects, thesis and mentoring experiences. As a student who “has been there and done that” I am excited to walk the talk and co-create processes for intuitive and relevant experiences. Most importantly it’s about making diversity and inclusion work for both companies and students while they are in the Hanken HIT process.

2. Moderator & Event host at HELWECAN 23.09.19: 400 guests from all over Europe. As I will be moderating one of the most important events with the Finnish EU presidency: Europe 2030: education and learning, future of work, continious learning, reskilling, youth unemployment and inequality.  I hope to bring talks to some actionable change and solutions, from words to deeds and from change in communities to change in European level.

3. Speaker coach at #WomeninTechfi #WIT2019 Finland. Will be coaching incredible 5 speakers from various tech-savvy fields. Each of them will pitch ”I LOVE TECH… in 6 minutes” in front of 1000 guest-audience at Finlandia Hall on 11.10.19 Can you feel the vibe already?!

4. Advisor and jury at BetterTogether Changemakers festival challenge in South Korea October 3-5, 2019 500 changemakers from 60+countries will head to olympic village to bring solutions, to make the world better, together. Somebody pinch me: I am going from one Education mecca to another!

5. Workshop facilitator on diversity and inclusion, employer branding, and easy-to-use toolkit when it comes to developoing inclusive workplace cultures:  Get in touch today!

6. 15.10.19 I have been learning for half a year in a futuristic #Sitralab fellowship with focus on systemic change and how to address social inequality. It requires a planned experiment and in my group we will plan an experiment with 40 young people – focus on professional counselling, peer-to-peer mentoring, POPUP workshops with role models from Helsinki communities. The purpose of this is to shed light on why and how negative stereotypes prevent young people with multicultural backgrounds or those who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods reach their potential both in school and later in life.
Target group: young people and general public where we utilize the lessons and tools learned from Sitralab fellowship also from London: creating systemic change (still learning what it means and how to bring it ”down-to-earth”)

7. Time to learn: to be present-getinspired-network-getsmarter at Nordic Business Forum www.nbforum.com stellar speakers!!! Brene Brown, Steve Wozniack, George Clooney and many more!

8. 12.11.2019 Talent Boost Turku – from a speaker to matchmaker. Last year I was a speaker at the diversity&inclusion event highlighting focus on why we need to shift from hiring culture fits to culture adds. My message was and is clear: diversity and inclusion is a way when done right a way to better earning, better working, better living. This year I am attending with my hands-on project #HankenHIT, Hanken School of economic’s diversity initiative which deals with promoting international talent recruitment and retention with focus on Hanken’s diverse master students from 20+ countries.

9 16.10.19 Building momentum on youth engagement in Uzbekistan. I am proud to see the first ever Global Dignity Day event taking place in Bukhara. Bukhara is a historical silk-road city and I am happy to link and facilitate this new movement to a group of young people, lead by a brave student, Shakhzoda Mirakova . heck it out: https://www.facebook.com/globaldignityuz/ Go in and give a like! These youngsters deserve it knowing that we have only few people who engage in volunteering and community building. We need to make this ripple, so if you are interested let’s build more experiences together.

10. 22.11.19 Speaking to 200 Finnish school principals at the annual event Pro Rexi on their power to shape the world. It was full of energy, dance and lessons to share.

11. 25.11.19 As a part of HankenHIT, I will have a workshop to 30+ international students on how to plan their career path in Finland. Diversity and inclusion is a big

12. 2.12.19 Keynote on building inclusive workplace cultures and reducing inequality. I will talk about my corporate and volunteer work including lessons learned from Sitralab to Finnish development organisations: The Deaconess Foundation, Filantropia, Filoksenia and Caritas Finland, which are part of KYMPPI project which is linked to SDG2030.

13. 3.12.19 Moderator for the High-level conference on innovation principle. Another event which is a good link to #HelWeCan, it is part of the Finnish EU presidency. Look forward to hosting and cooperating with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Event is done in collaboration with the European Commission.

14. 4.12.19 This is huge: will be participating at the International Volunteer Forum in Sochi, Russia. A forum gathers 6500 young people worldwide and happy to share and ignite them all why VOLUNTEERS WILL CHAMPION HUMANITY.

I wish each of you a great autumn-winter ahead, appreciation, recognition, love, kindness and do not be stuck on negative vibes. As you sow, so shall you reap. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO?

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