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Navigating DEI in Maritime: How Kamilla Sultanova Steered Anthony Veder Towards Inclusive Leadership

Regardless of the fossil-free fuels agenda in Europe, there is still an increasing need for gas shipping. In the LPG shipping industry, talent attraction and retention in this environment become vital, besides the safety and sustainability promise of the companies.

Anthony Veder, a Rotterdam-based gas shipping company, invited Kamilla Sultanova to lead two 1.5-hour DEI leadership seminars in January and April 2024. Her expertise in container and tanker shipping, coupled with her DEI consulting experience, made her the ideal candidate to bridge cultural gaps between sea officers, office staff, and company management.​

The Challenge


Kamilla traveled to the Netherlands to speak at Anthony Veder’s Officers Conference called #SeaTheFuture. As the DEI keynote speaker at the event, she dove deep into the heart of diversity, equity, and inclusion alongside sea and shore-based colleagues from the maritime industry.

This year’s theme was to make DEI concepts not just understandable but truly relatable for everyone, whether they’re navigating the open sea or steering the course from shore. The challenge is to bridge the gap between diverse workplaces and foster an inclusive environment across all levels of the company – to the sea officers, the office staff, and the management team.

Our Impact


Kamilla conducted two seminars, focusing on practical ways to incorporate DEI in daily interactions. The goal was to empower participants with the skills needed to give constructive feedback, understand unconscious biases, and bridge cultural differences. This included discussions on how leadership styles, power dynamics, and feedback mechanisms differ across cultures.

However, the challenge was real — how do you tailor a message about inclusivity that resonates just as much with sea officers as it does with office staff and management? The key is relatability and relevance. By speaking a language everyone can understand, we connect more deeply.

Participants found the discussions eye-opening, especially regarding cultural mapping and DEI principles. For many sea officers, it was the first time engaging in such conversations with their office colleagues. One Japanese colleague highlighted how the session shed light on cultural dimensions that influence leadership, feedback, and trust-building.



The seminars received positive feedback from Anthony Veder’s COO, Klaas Kerssemakers, and other participants. Arthur and Tia shared how the session inspired the company and the participants on how to overcome differences not just in their workplaces but also in their daily lives.

Klaas Kerssemakers, the COO of Anthony Veder, also noted the practical applications he saw for management strategies. Kamilla’s insights provided a foundational understanding of DEI, activating the leaders to make the company an industry leader in inclusive practices in the maritime industry.

Kamilla provides a great story and tools around the practical elements related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. She provided really practical tools to take it immediately into action.

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Klaas Kerssemakers

Chief Operations Officer

Feedback from the Participants

Feedback from the COO

Kamilla created a safe environment that was conducive to open discussions, utilizing real-life working examples that were relatable to both sea officers working lives on board the vessels and in their offices. Group discussions and relatable examples allowed everyone to participate equally.

Channeling these conversations from awareness to action, our DEI seminars help translate business strategy and connect to employees on various levels while courageously pursuing stronger growth with a focus on ESG performance.

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