Kamilla Sultanova

About me



Global mindset, local community leader and cultural architect

I’m an entrepreneur and a keynote speaker running my own culturally responsive consulting company ConnectUz in Helsinki, Finland. Born and raised in Karshi, Uzbekistan, I then moved to the Nordics, where I have studied and lived for the last 18 years. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University in Denmark with major in employer branding and diversity management.

I have a background in corporate sales and purchasing, which helped me navigate through the complexity of global trade, in a fast-paced maritime logistics. I also got an opportunity and support from many mentors, be the voice of immigrants and international students, co-found a non-profit for youth empowerment Global Dignity Finland.

My values


At the fundament of everything I do is accountability and co-creation,
curiosity and ubuntu

We can all learn from each other. Working is so much more fun and rewarding when we turn professional pride into a passion. Through my work in cross-sectoral projects, I got to show how empowerment and inclusion of youth and diverse groups connect to organizational well-being and profit. In other words, bringing in international and diverse talent pays out. In the next 10 years especially post coronavirus pandemic, we will see an increased need for rethinking ways to innovate and grow, to bring systemic change solutions and to make experimentation a new normal.

More collaborations will be needed in order to co-create viable products, policies, and services and we need to create the space for experimentation and radical solutions. Experimentation requires failure, courage, and trust in the process. I know that from my personal life journey and various experiments in logistics, youth and diversity work. I learned that in order to reach sustainable solutions it’s easier to work as a team in unity rather than alone. The best way to work is the Finnish way: along with patience and pragmatism, I appreciate the humble approach to greatness, which enables everyone to contribute to the process.

My mission


I believe with the right positive attitude, we can all persevere through the harshest of circumstances

As a speaker and entrepreneur, I offer immersive and impactful experiences, webinars, and online facilitation to engage and activate business and nonprofit professionals towards inclusive leadership, organizational growth, and development.

My mission is to ignite a collective spirit of inclusion and diversity, engagement, and innovation. With my unique ability to unite individuals across industries and cultural backgrounds, I have empowered countless audiences to volunteer, aspire to become changemakers and create inclusive spaces in their own communities.

I want to help people care more for each other at work by shaping purpose-driven workplace cultures centered on community and geared towards the future workforce. Crossing cultures and industries, I have helped unlock the untapped potential of social capital for better earning, working, and living in Denmark, Finland, and Uzbekistan.

Despite the exceptional times, I am committed to making every effort in engaging in needed conversations around organizational renewal, finding the right people for the job, and inspiring collective change.


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